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  • Will you take a deposit for a horse?
    All horses are first come, first serve to an appropriate home. We reserve the right to turn down a home should we feel it is a suitable match No deposits or holds unless stipulated below regarding PPE.
  • Can I take the horse out on trial?
    All horses are available for a trial ride, for purchase purposes, by appointment only. Horses will not be sent away for any trial periods.
  • Can I perform a PPE?
    PPE's are welcome at the expense of the potential adopter. After a completed PPE exam, buyers have 24 hours to decide about the purchase and complete the sale. A horse will continue to be shown until the PPE (if requested by a potential buyer) is completed and full payment is made.
  • I love the horse, how can I get you to stop showing it?
    If you wish for us to hold the horse and not show it while you wait for a PPE to be performed, we require a $1,000 non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be applied to the final purchase price of the horse should the sale be finalized.
  • Can I have a list of Vets in the area?
    Sure, here is a list of Vets we recommend but you are free to choose any vet for PPE’s. - Foundation Equine - Colts Neck Equine - Coastal Elite
  • Can I have a list of shippers?
    Sure, here is a recommended list but you are free to find others to use. - Rick Ramos (201) 892-2153 - Tommy Spain (609) 227-7863 - Blue Ribbon (571) 275-8871 - long hauls only
  • Where are horses for sale located?
    CCK is a brick and mortar entity and all horses for sale are located on the property in Colts Neck, NJ.
  • Can CCK horses be sold for racing purposes?
    No, horses will not be sold by CCK for racing purposes.
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